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About Pro Office Furniture

About Us

The Pro Office Furniture Story

From a random encounter to a revolutionary company.

In September 2020, a Houston-based company closed one of its older facilities. This company contacted one of our partners about a conference table. Intrigued abound from the call, so our partner went to inspect the table and, by happenchance, met the building owner. The building owner, adamant about not directing the furnishings to a landfill, walked the entire 600,000 sqft facility with our partner, where the quantity and quality of the furniture caught their attention. The conversation inspired our partner, who boldly decided to ask the owner if he could purchase all the furniture, cubicle workstations, and seating inside the building at that very moment, assuring the owner that all the assets would never see a day in the landfill. The owner agreed, and PRO Office Furniture was born.

PRO Office Furniture invested in a local warehouse and showroom closed by the pandemic to house its newly acquired inventory and operations. Today, that facility is our place where customers can see our high-quality furniture, make affordable purchases, and we can use as our distribution center.

Two-Fold Mission

Our Focus


Support small and medium-sized businesses and anyone working from their homes to return to normalcy from the pandemic with the best pre-owned furniture at the best prices. These valued people can acquire what we like to call “newsed,” new-not-used, furniture from top brand manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Allsteel, Steelcase, and HON.


Reduce unnecessary landfill accumulation by repurposing and recycling everything we can, and as often as we can. So, bring a truck or trailer for our crew to load, or let us get your purchase delivered and installed for you.

Pro Office Furniture Company Values:

Reduce, Repurpose, and Recycle

Our motto isn’t just words for us; it’s a lifestyle.