5 Creative Ways to Use a Credenza

Sep 6, 2022

A credenza is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be used in both office settings and in the home. As one of the most versatile storage options available, there are nearly limitless possibilities open to you – but when it comes to styling ideas, you may want help to get started.

In this article, we’ll cover at least 5 creative ways that homeowners and business owners can use a credenza. Read on for more information!

1. Use Fabric-Topped Credenzas As Extra Waiting Space

In a small office setting, padded-top credenzas can serve multiple purposes. Not only do they allow you to store important documents, files, and resources, but they also provide an additional area for people to wait. This ingenious solution allows you to save precious real estate in your office without sacrificing comfort for those visiting the office.  This beautiful locking credenza topped with black, blue, and beige striped fabric will serve as a bright addition to any small office or home office space without making things feel too cramped.   It’s got a wide, shallow locking top drawer along with a deep bottom drawer which will allow you to store practically anything inside. The drawers are lateral locking, meaning there’s less hassle for you if you need to open one of them and you discover that what you’re looking for is in another drawer. It also comes with two shelves which are easily accessible for anyone – and would be the perfect place to store magazines or books for your guests to peruse while they wait. Choose whether you want the open storage area on the left side or the right side of your credenza. This credenza also has micro-adjustable aluminum legs for floor leveling to ensure it fits your home or small office setting just right. 

2. Keep Valuables Out of Small Hands 

If you’re a parent of little ones and a homeowner, you know better than anyone that the two don’t naturally coexist. Parents are constantly trying to protect their kids from dangers inside the home – and then trying to protect their belongings from the damage that their kids can cause.  If you have valuable collectibles, don’t be passive about keeping them safe. Use a locked credenza to protect your record or stamp collection. You can even use a locking credenza as a way to keep harmful chemicals out of reach (or prevent them from accessing your wine collection). The possibilities are endless, but with a credenza, you can ensure that your valuables actually stay valuable.  A locking credenza like this white one does a great job of keeping your things secure without taking up too much space. This premium metal credenza has micro-adjustable aluminum legs for floor-leveling as well and comes at a lower price point than the one above.  If you’re interested in this credenza or the one mentioned above, they’re both available now online and at our Houston used office furniture store. 

3. Plants – A Breath of Fresh Air

Nothing breathes airy life into an office or home like plants. Set some gorgeous plants atop your credenza and you’ll immediately set your guests’ minds at ease. This is especially helpful if you’re decorating an office in the finance, dental health, mental health/therapy, or general health industries since visitors to those offices tend to feel anxious about the visit.  Get creative with your use of greenery here – do you want to add more color to your space? Then choose house plants with striking colors that will grab the attention of visitors, like the aglaonema or anthurium.  Want more of a soothing feel? Choose a snake plant or spider plant – two of the best indoor plants for those who are newly learning to care for them indoors. Other highly-recommended house plants include peace lilies, ZZ plants, and pothos. 

4. A Changing Table for Little Ones

Whether in your home or in the restroom of an office, changing tables are often needed. You can place a changing pad atop a standard credenza if you wish or simply use a padded-top credenza if you have one. If you’re adding it to your office, you can place hand sanitizer (and perhaps some diapers or wipes) in the storage area below for an added touch. If the credenza/changing table is in your home, you can store diapers, wipes, soothing toys/distractions, diaper cream, and other important items below the changing table for added convenience. If you choose to use a credenza as a changing table, be sure to keep one hand on your child at all times and never leave them unattended. If you’re adding a credenza as a changing table in an office restroom, be sure to prominently place a sign saying that parents aren’t to leave their children unattended and must hold onto their babies/toddlers as they’re being changed. 

5. Get More Inspiration at Our Houston Store! 

Whether you want to use a credenza to accent a lovely piece of artwork, store your good china dinner sets, or function as an entertainment center, you’re sure to find everything you need at the Pro Office Furniture warehouse in Houston. Our gently used office furniture is as close to pristine as you can get without dropping a pretty penny on your trip. Check out our new website to see our selection!


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