The Anatomy of a Great Office Chair

Sep 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design a great office chair? The seemingly straightforward task is actually quite involved due to the unique comfort needs that arise after sitting in a chair for hours every day.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look what what makes an exceptional office chair, and then talk about the best way to enjoy one of these high-quality office chairs for a low price.

Good Office Chairs Are Ergonomic

Due to the fact that the average person spends over 9 hours a day sitting, it’s extremely important to have an office chair that will provide the support your body needs. Poor posture while sitting can cause aches, pains and discomfort.  Sitting for long periods of time can cause multiple health risks, including:
  • Obesity
  • Excess body fat around the waist
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar/diabetes
  • High cholesterol
All of these health risks combined result in metabolic syndrome and can also affect your mental health. This is why sitting is referred to as “the new smoking” – but there are some things you can do to alleviate these potential health concerns. Office chairs that provide ergonomic support decrease the likelihood that you’ll experience aches and pains, muscle tension, and other frustrating side effects commonly experienced by office employees.  That said, not every office chair is created equal, and neither is every ergonomic office chair.  Some of the most beneficial ergonomic office chairs also happen to be the ones with the heftiest price tags, due to the research and development needed to create a truly outstanding chair. 

What Do the Best Brand Names Do?

The top office chair brands got that way by designing truly elegant solutions for business owners and consumers to enjoy. Much thought, research, and engineering is put into their products, which is why they cost so much. Here are some of the top names when it comes to office chairs:
  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • HON
  • X-Chair
  • Haworth
Herman Miller is an industry leader and has been around since 1905 (although it wasn’t always called Herman Miller – it began as the Michigan Star Furniture Company). Like the other names on this list, they’re serious about creating quality office chairs. 

Think About This Before You Choose an Office Chair

Before you bring a chair home, you should consider several factors. Before purchasing a high-quality, ergonomic office chair, you should think about:
  • How long you plan to sit for. The longer you plan to sit, the better your chair should be!
  • Your size. If you are taller than the average person or are heavier than average, you’ll want to look for a chair specifically designed for big and tall people. 

Qualities of Amazing Office Chairs

Curious about what all good office chairs have in common? Here are some of the features you’ll want to keep an eye out for while you’re shopping:
  • Full adjustability. We’re talking about height, width, headrests, tilt tension, recline angle, lumbar support, and more. Adjustability is key.
  • Ideal seat height. If you’re the average height, your office chair should be able to adjust between 16 and 21 inches. (If you’re taller or shorter than that, you’ll want to adjust the ideal seat height accordingly.)
  • Ideal seat depth and width. Your office chair should ideally have armrests that are one inch wider than your hips. The depth is important as well – ideally, there should be a gap between two and four inches between the seat’s edge and the back of your knees. 
    • Ideal backrest width. The backrest should be between 12 and 17 inches wide, and adjustable for forward and backward angles. 
  • Proper lumbar support. Lumbar support should be adjustable for height and depth so that it can properly support the spine of the user. 
  • Other important factors. Adjustable armrests, comfortable/breathable seat material, and a swivel feature are other features you’ll find in a good armchair. 

Need a Great Office Chair? Stop By!

Truly great office chairs can withstand the test of time – which is why it’s so beneficial to look into repurposed office chairs like the ones we have at Pro Office Furniture. The best brands (like those named above) have plenty of mileage left, so gently-used office chairs are the way to go!  For fantastic office furniture that won’t put a dent in your wallet, visit our Houston warehouse in person. We’d be happy to help you find what you’re looking for. 


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