5 Office Design and Furniture Ideas to Boost Efficiency

Sep 6, 2022

Efficiency, creativity, and focus are important aspects of running a small or home-based business. Your workspace reflects your priorities and your personality. It can also have a positive or negative impact on your efficiency. That said, changing up your entire office space with brand-new furniture can get expensive quickly.

If you’re looking to boost your productivity without dropping too much hard-earned cash, used office furniture can be a lifesaver! Here are a few ideas to get you started if you plan to buy used furniture to spruce up your Houston workspace.

1. Inspire Creativity with a Mini Art Gallery

For creative minds, there are few things better than a gallery wall to get you inspired. It’s a beautiful way to liven up your workspace and spark your imagination. By choosing a specific theme to go with the type of work you’re planning to do, you can accent your home office and your business in general.

Here are some gallery wall ideas to get you started style-wise:

    • Colorful. While some like to go with a small pop of color, others can’t get enough of it! If this is you, a colorful gallery wall will help get your creative juices flowing.
    • Quirky. Some gallery walls have a cohesive feel to them, but not yours! Whether you’re choosing pieces of different colors, themes, or mediums, you’ll want an office as quirky as you are!
    • Classic. If you prefer more order as you get your work done, you can’t beat a classic. This can consist of noir artwork, black-and-white photography, or oil paintings reminiscent of the ones created by master painters.
    • Personal. Sometimes it helps to remember who you’re doing all of that work for. Decorating your office with personal photographs of family and friends will help motivate you to keep on making that money!

2. A Minimalist Workspace for Better Focus

Mini art galleries are fun – but in some cases, they may be distracting. If you often find yourself becoming distracted by your work environment, a minimalist space would be best. 

Banish clutter and embrace organization to be sure everything has its place at your workstation. To make it easy on your eyes, choose colors like gray, white, and black, with perhaps a few plants to accent the space. 

A standing desk is a good way to ensure you have the versatility and space-saving that you need. Since the height is adjustable, your desk will adapt to your needs, whether you need to sit in a well-designed office chair or stand and stretch your legs.

3. Let in the Sunshine As You Work

Sunshine makes an office feel more energizing, whether it’s in a small office downtown or at a home-based business. Natural light can do wonders for your focus, as well as your mood. To enhance the ambiance brought by the natural light, you can choose light neutral colors with bright pops of color interspersed throughout the room to add to the sunshiny feel!

4. Get More Out of Your Workspace

While minimalism is great, sometimes it’s not feasible because your office doubles as a storage space. If this is the case, you can add a nice bookshelf or multipurpose study table to your workspace so that things remain neatly organized.

Study tables often have several drawers (which is helpful if you’re handed things all day while you’re focused on working). You can put those items into a drawer and then tidy them up at the end of the workday, putting them where they belong. 

Similarly, a well-made bookcase can be a lifesaver if you have a lot of documents or samples to go through while you’re at work. Filing cabinets are helpful for this purpose as well!

5. An Office with a Modern Look

Modern offices feature ergonomic furniture and tools to provide ultimate comfort while you work. Luxurious natural wood desks and tables and minimalist designs are both in vogue right now. Look for eye-catching statement pieces that don’t take up too much space to make your modern office really shine. You can also go with a boho vibe if that’s more your style.

Gently-Used Office Furniture in Houston

If you’d like to change up your current office environment, you’ll want to take a trip to our Pro Office Furniture warehouse in Houston. We’ve got a wide selection of gently-used office furniture for you to choose from, no matter what style you’re going for.

Stop by our warehouse on Northwinds Drive in Houston to see for yourself!


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