Are Cubicles Out? Reasons to Keep Them

Sep 6, 2022

Open-office floor plans have been en vogue the past few decades, so as a business owner, you might be wondering, “Are cubicles out?” In this article, we’ll talk about why cubicles are definitely not out!

We’ll cover some of the common problems experienced by those who’ve used open office floor plans and then talk about why cubicles are the solution you’re looking for. Finally, we’ll tell you how to get well-made cubicles at a low cost to you (so you can focus on your business).

Ready to get started? Read on to learn more!

1. Open Floor Plans Reduce Privacy

In many offices, open floor plans have begun to replace cubicles. Much like an open floor plan in a kitchen, they’re thought to make the indoor space more airy and welcoming. Open floor plans aren’t without their problems, though.

Due to the fact that open office floor plans are meant to be welcoming, employees suffer from more distractions during their workday. No longer is there almost a wall-like structure to help them stay focused – their fellow employees can breeze through their workspace with questions at any point in the day.

Even worse, if you’re taking a call at your desk during a break to handle a family issue, it’s super tempting for your coworkers to listen in on the gossip – and maybe re-circulate it around the office while you’re not there.

Open office floor plans also result in less visual privacy – a definite issue if you’ve got employees at varying levels of the company working next to each other. It’s a huge security risk if your employees are working on accounts with sensitive employee data because it’s easier to steal and disseminate with an open floor plan.

According to a University of Sydney study, when it comes to visual privacy, nearly 10% more employees were dissatisfied with open-office plans as opposed to those who had cubicles with high partitions.

Cubicles solve this problem because you’ve got a mostly-enclosed space with walls around you to prevent people from being able to see what you’re working on.

2. Fewer Chances of Workstation Spillover

There are as many types of employees as there are types of people – and some of them are tidier than others. While some of your employees will never have trouble keeping their workspace in tip-top shape like they just floated in a talking umbrella (that’s a Mary Poppins reference), others will be… well, more of a challenge.

Face it – there are people who are more than happy to fill up the entirety of the space entrusted to them – and if the lines are blurred, they’ll be more than happy to claim part of their neighbor’s space as well.

Workstation spillover isn’t just an issue in terms of stacks of paper, but if your employees eat lunch at their desks, it could result in a literal spillover of coffee, food messes, etc. The last thing your neat employee needs is to battle it out with the messy employee next to her when she’d rather be working harmoniously.

Company culture is important, so when you give your employees the chance to work well with each other, you’re helping yourself too. Cubicles for your Houston, Texas workstation are a great way to achieve that.

3. They’re Great for Offices of All Sizes

What size is your office? Is it small? Then cubicles will work for you. Medium-sized? Large? No matter the size of your office, chances are that cubicles can help you achieve the goals you want in a low-key, less distracting way compared to an open office floor plan.

4. Use Cubicles at Home, Too

Think cubicles are just for commercial office spaces? Think again! You can use cubicles or modular office walls to divide rooms, making it easier to keep your home office space organized. This is especially helpful for tax purposes, due to the fact that you must have a designated office workspace in your home in order to qualify for the tax deduction.

5. Check Out Our Houston, Texas Warehouse

Brand-new cubicles can be expensive – but that’s where we come in! At our Pro Office Furniture warehouse, we’ve got a ton of gently-used office furniture for you to choose from, including several cubicles to help create a more private space for employees.

You can easily find what you’re looking for without paying a fortune to get it. And since we only take the best high-quality furniture, you’ll know you’re getting a great, sturdy cubicle for your home or commercial office. So what are you waiting for? Stop by our Houston, Texas office on Northwinds Drive to see our fabulous selection of used office furniture yourself!


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